New. Magic mix will save your polymer clay.

 Never throw a roll of polymer clay again !! The Magic mix will save you countless times by softening your clay. A must-have!

Magic Mix allows to soften and increase the flexibility of polymer clay, cold porcelaine and mineral modelling clays. Cernit Magic Mix also increases the elasticity of acrylic paints.

  • This product helps to salvage old and brittle polymer clays. Just add Magic Mix to your clay and condition it to give it back all its flexibility.
    Add a few drops of Magic Mix  and knead for a few minutes, wearing gloves as this product is sticky. Once your clay softened, pass it several times through the pasta machine at the thickest setting.
    The clay must not have little peels or tears. When it’s smooth your clay is ready to use. You can add somme more drops if you like to work very soft clay.
  • Magic Mix also allows to make “chewing-gum” clay which is used in faux mosaïc technique to fill the gap between pieces. Add Magic Mix to the clay you’ve chosen to create the seal until getting a sufficiently soft consistency to apply easily the clay in the gaps.
  • By gradually adding colored polymer clay of your choice to Magic Mix, you can create your own customized liquid polymer clay.

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Cernit Magic Mix Softener
Cernit Magic Mix Softener